Welcome to my website! This will be the new home for the promotion of my writings, broadcasting and musical works!


Like all things, this will be a work in progress. I invite you to look around, check out my works, and related links.


Thank you coming in; please check back often!



My Site, and My Home:


This will be the place to find latest updates on my writings, my work, and my varied doings. 


Please look below, and you will find my books. I have been writing all my life, and seriously for the the past eight years or so. I have decided upon a path of genre-bending...I write what I will, and I try to tell the best stories I can, in as imaginative a way as I can.

This is merely something I love to do. I hope to share my stores, my visions and more with you, and that you'll support it, even in a small way.

My Career

I have been a broadcaster for over 30 years, primarily in radio, and I'm currently based out of Harrisburg, PA. I've been a lot of places, needless to say, but the important thing about what I chose to do is: it beats working!


In relation to that:

The BookSpeak Network


In 2018, my publisher, Lawrence Knorr requested I begin hosting a program for BookSpeak, part of the Blog Talk Radio Network. When Sunbury Press spun off into several imprints, I was asked to do the Brown Posey Press Show. The shows are largely about fellow authors on the imprint, but I'm allowed to bring in other indie authors from outside. 

The programs are broadcast live, then turned into podcasts for future listening. The audio quality is a bit analog in sound, and my goal is to do a show that is laid-back, non-confrontational, and fun. It's writers talking about their books, the writing life and the challenges we face. A friend once likened the program to the finding of an old radio and turning it on once more; she found it comforting.


My Broadcast on Radio Airwaves


Since May 2012, I've been known as "DJ`Riff," purveyor of blues, new music, interviews and "stuff that makes sense" on the London-based Radio-Airwaves Station. "The Music Club" airs Thursdays from 7-10 pm Eastern time. Please check out the station, my friends and colleagues with their eclectic styles! 


http://www.radio-airwaves.co.uk/ -- Also, there's a link on the player page for a Smartphone app!

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